Do a good job in the quality management of each process

Strengthen quality awareness education, continuously improve quality level, educate employees to establish the "quality first" point of view, strictly abide by process discipline, keep improving technology, and master certain quality management knowledge and ability. There are links that can be improved and need to be improved in any work. We should improve the quality, find out the problems and find out the direction that can be improved.

Do a good job of mould quality, resolutely achieve "three inspections" and "three do not let go".
Mastering quality dynamic quality management is based on prevention in order to reduce or avoid quality problems. Therefore, statistical analysis should be carried out on all links of die and mould production to timely grasp the quality trends and trends of each process in order to analyze the causes and take measures to prevent the occurrence of dimensional oversize.
Project management process

After the mould order is confirmed and the production is started, the project engineer makes the mould manufacturing quality and product meet the customer's demand through communication, coordination, tools and methods, surpasses the customer's expectation on the order delivery date, makes use of limited resources, and uses the most effective management and control methods to realize the mould manufacturing completely.  Mold project is composed of one or more sets of moulds. Project responsibility system is adopted. The project team is temporary, qualitative, flexible, and emphasizes coordination and communication. By adopting the principle of objective management, project management can be carried out according to the needs of the project, which is flexible.
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