Some Suggestions on the Improvement of Company Management

Issuing time:2019-06-15 10:53

1. Establishing the position of marketing director to strengthen communication with customers

Because of the flattening of the company's marketing structure, only the general manager is concurrently responsible for marketing, the formulation and implementation of the strategy will leave a blank. Marketing managers must always go to the front line and get firsthand information to communicate with customers. Otherwise, real and abundant market information may be deliberately filtered by the sales team, leaving out a lot of necessary information.

For example, how do customers get it? The salesman must say that he came here because of the incentive of commission. In fact, it may be that customers actively find it through the network and friendship. Salesmen may just wait and grab the phone there. But the top management must not know the specific situation, and will make sales strategy based on the wrong information.

2. Strengthen communication between technology and sales

A large injection moulding manufacturer chose us because we saw our company do a good job of website, why not take the initiative to publicize information, indicating that the company's technology is also good?

The marketing strategy is mainly formulated by the sales department, which does not seem to fully demonstrate the technical advantages. It is necessary to strengthen communication and coordination between departments.

3. Strengthening the Collection of Customer Experience Information

The company's current model, customer experience is very important. After the initial sale, the business is not the end but the better start. Maintaining customers by sales or customer service centers?

Inventory customers are very important. Losing one is equivalent to losing eight. Because a satisfied old customer can bring 8 new customers, not to mention the old customers will continue to order.

4. marketing strategy:

Which industry should we focus on? For sustainable development, the company actually needs to grow with its customers. Therefore, the survival and development of customer enterprises is very important.

5. it is very helpful to suggest more running to customers.

Generals will personally go to the front line to observe the war, get the latest information, find the pain points of customers, the pain points of the industry. Targeted strategies are formulated.

Samples can be randomly sampled as we do, avoiding the presence of sales personnel and maintaining independence as far as possible.

Our men of science and technology often don't like to deal with people, especially strangers. But only when dealing with people can we encounter miracles, often unexpected miracles!

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