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Issuing time:2019-07-19 10:54

Some enterprises are yellow when they do it, others can't develop when they do it. On the surface, it is the external situation, the big environment, the lack of money and resources, but in the final analysis, they still can't figure it out.

If there are no thinkers, it is a corpse, if there are no soul figures, the enterprise will lose its vitality.

Everything that is inanimate cannot grow.

So, for enterprises, what is the soul?

It's culture.

Everyone knows that the corporate culture is tall, but in fact they don't think so, as long as it looks good, sounds good, and sticks on the wall.

After all, it is a nihilistic thing, far less attractive than profit, and nobody will take it for granted - the so-called corporate culture, which is what comes out of a full stomach.

Such recognition is a big mistake.

What is corporate culture? The founder's vision, mission, values, personality and behavioral logic are the seeds of corporate culture.

It can be said that the temperament, style, atmosphere and atmosphere of an enterprise are initially influenced by the spiritual outlook and behavior style of its founder.

Bosses are down-to-earth, employees are accustomed to down-to-earth work; bosses like to brag and talk big, then employees naturally like to fool, full mouth running trains.

The reason is very simple, not with the boss frequency, the rhythm of the staff, slowly by the upper and lower similar atmosphere to be cleaned away, not recognized, not used to the staff simply can not stay.

In the enterprise, there is no alien survival soil.

So, look at what an enterprise looks like, look at the mental state of the employer and employees of the enterprise, we can see that the unique "flavor" of this enterprise can not deceive people.

Culture is the fundamental level of things, is the gene, is the seed, is the top priority of enterprises, it not only determines the lifeline of an enterprise, but also determines the development pattern of enterprises.

Hands are handy and feet are powerful to support the body, but without the vitality of the brain, they are meaningless.

"Material resources will eventually be exhausted, and only culture can survive. A high-tech enterprise can not be without culture. Only culture can sustain its sustainable development.

Ren Zhengfei wrote this passage in Huawei's Letter to New Employees.

Huawei's corporate culture lies in its core values: "customer-centered, striver-centered!"

It's very simple and powerful.

Nowadays, people are saying that "customer-centered, customer is God", but in fact, they are all centered on their own interests, and all the actions of enterprises are around their own interests to seek profits.

In the past two years, popular people have collapsed. Not only are they stars, but also many enterprises can not stand the test of time and market, such as some well-known food and Internet enterprises.

The starting point and behavioral logic of customer-oriented and self-oriented are quite different.

There is also "striveroriented", all envy Huawei staff's spirit of struggle and strong action, all want their employees to become like that.

However, the key to Huawei's "striveroriented" strategy is not to let the strugglers suffer losses. Many enterprises have stalled on it.

Where does corporate culture come from?

Liu Chuanzhi once said that "living by oneself is not the best way to build corporate culture, but the only way."

When Huawei was founded, if Ren Zhengfei didn't really give up his money and profit, how could any employees really give up their lives to fight desperately?

If you have a hole in front of you, you will have a hole in the back. Don't mistake the order.

In addition, as the founder of an enterprise, you must have charisma. If you have faith and sincere sense of mission, you will naturally have an invisible distortion of reality, which can inspire fighting spirit and inspire people.

The soul of an enterprise must have this quality. If you look at Jobs, Ren Zhengfei and Ma Yun, which of them is not such a charismatic leader?

Initial heart is pure heart, pure heart is motive, motive determines the nature of things, and nature ultimately leads to behavior and results.

So if you're starting a business now, or you're preparing to start a business, ask yourself: What is your original intention and passion?

This determines the business logic, product form, business model and innovation of your business. It also determines how far you can go and what your life is like.

Sometimes, life needs to be original and clear, to restore the original heart, in order to start afresh, the enterprise is the same.

Only culture can survive!

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