How to improve the quality of injection moulds effectively?

Issuing time:2019-05-24 00:00

In order to produce qualified plastic injection moulds, we must provide the quality of plastic injection moulds. What measures can we take to improve the quality of plastic injection moulds?

Develop a complete plastic mould production management system to realize the computer information management system of product data management, process data management, plan management and schedule management in the process of mould production management, including the formulation of mould production plan, mould design, process planning, workshop task assignment and product inspection. Warehouse management and so on, so that plastic mold manufacturing and related auxiliary information from planning to completion delivery can achieve all-round tracking management.

Organize and integrate the information of plan, design, processing technology, workshop production situation, human resources and so on, so as to coordinate planning and production effectively and ensure the quality of plastic mould and delivery on time.

Through the effective control of the workshops'work summons, the effective management of tool scrap; through the accurate die structure design, efficient die parts processing and accurate spare parts detection, will effectively reduce the additional cost of plastic molds caused by the change and maintenance, thus obtaining the actual cost of each set of molds, effectively. Control die quality.

Die assembly is just like assembling machine. Every part and screw can't make mistakes. Otherwise, the consequences will be quite serious, which will lead to product defects, affect production, and completely damage the die and cause scrap. So the assembly must be very delicate.

In the process of assembling, especially attention should be paid to the cleaning of the mould, especially the waterway and screw holes. The iron scraps must be blown clean inside, otherwise the customers will be very angry.

Mould maintenance is mainly in the production process of maintenance and maintenance. Dies are like automobiles. If they are not used and maintained for a long time, they may be scrapped. So every time the mould is used, it should be fully maintained, especially the rust-proof of the forming part and the rust-proof of the main moving parts.

Because the mold needs water during the production process, it may fall asleep on the mold during installation or disassembly, so we must ensure the dryness of the mold, and then brush a layer of oil.

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